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The intention of the Gambling Kingz Editorial is to provide intelligent, articulate opinions concerning the issues, events and latest news impacting the online gambling industry. Our editors are not afraid to document their views, offer constructive criticisms, or even share personal betting strategies. We strive to inform our avid readers, and the Editorial will consistently and authoritatively lead the way.

As always, please feel free to share your comments with us and other readers about your personal online gambling experiences.

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Solving UK Gambling Disputes The eCOGRA Way

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Kudos to the independent online gambling watchdog group, eCOGRA, for launching a great new service. From today, UK gamblers and licensed service providers, can use this new - and, it should be mentioned, free - platform to help settle disputes between them.

The London based eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance Group has long made its mission to become an internationally approved testing agency and player protection standard organisation.

Now, with new licensing laws introduced in the United Kingdom, the group obtained authorisation from the UK Gambling Commission to become an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider for the local market.

This is essentially an impartial adjudication service for disputes that may arise between eCOGRA's Safe and Fair sites which are licensed by the Gambling Commission, and their members.

The free service is available to UK based players.

Not All Disputes Will be Addressed

With thousands of online casinos out there, it stands to reason that eCOGRA needs to limit its scope and only address disputes that fall within its control.

Before applying for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service, players should make sure that the site in question is included on eCOGRA's approved websites. A visit to the eCOGRA site will link players to this list.

It should be mentioned, however, that an impressive 355 UK Gambling Commission licensed sites have already elected to use eCOGRA's ADR service. We noted sites such as 32Red, 888, Bwin.Party and Unibet, to name just a few.

eCOGRA also won't take on cases that are being, or have been, considered by other ADR providers or a court of law.

Players are also requested not to apply for the service unless at least two weeks have passed since the problem began, and also that reasonable attempts have been made to negotiate a solution.

Sophisticated Software System

The chief executive of eCOGRA Andrew Beveridge gave an interview this week, where he commented on the new ADR service.

"eCOGRA has developed a sophisticated software system to help manage and expedite the resolution of disputes with UKGC-licensed operators, and this, harnessed with the eCOGRA ADR team's considerable experience in online gambling mediation, will help resolve most disputes within 72 hours," he said.

Also commenting was the operational manager of the ADR, Tex Rees, who said that the service was included in the group's range as it is important for players to have an impartial mediator handle issues with operators.

 Posted by Renee Israel at 10:07 on 20 March 2015
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