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April 2009

Ladbrokes Launches New TV Ad

New Ladbrokes advert hits the airwaves

Ladbrokes, the UK gaming operator, has announced the launch of a brand new TV ad across the country's media.

The company hopes that the new promotion will not earn the wrath of the notorious Advertising Standards Authority which has banned two of the group's ads in the past for promoting 'recklessness'.

The current ad uses a Hide and Seek concept, showing a deserted city scene as a background for a man playing hide and seek with a giant lemur.

The line of the ad reads: "Don't hide from thrills; seek them out at".

Ladbrokes is hoping that the image of a man playing hide and seek with a lemur does not have any connotations of recklessness whatsoever, after its first two ads got the chop by the ASA.

One of those ads depicted a story being told about a parachutist who was such a thrill seeker that he used smaller and smaller parachutes on his jumps until he met his untimely demise by using a crisp packet...

The other ad depicted the tale of diver who was so desperate for thrills that he tied sausages to his seal costume wet suit and went diving with the sharks...

A spokesman for Ladbrokes, Ciaran O'Brien said about the new promotion that will run on land and digital channels in the UK: "Our earlier award winning ads were very popular, and we're sure these will prove equally as successful."

The campaign, which cost millions of pounds to create, was developed by M&C Saatchi.

New Ladbrokes Advert

Story Highlights »
  • Ladbrokes hopes its new ad campaign will pass ASA standards
  • Two of Ladbrokes' previous ads were pulled for 'recklessness'

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