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May 2011

UK Jockeys Suspected Of Race Fixing

by Ryan D. Jaeger

Race-fixing scandal hits UK horseracing industry

The British Horseracing Authority believes that it has uncovered a ring of professionals involved in the industry who conspired to fix races and place suspicious bets.

After a lengthy investigation, thirteen people are now under official investigation for deliberately riding loser races with the sole purpose of profiting on the UK gambling markets.

The group of thirteen includes four jockeys, a horse trainer and two horse owners, as well as six co-conspirators.

The four jockeys named in the charges were Greg Fairley, Jimmy Quinn, Paul Doe and Kirsty Milczarek. While Milczarek is dating former champion jockey, Kieren Fallon, it is important to stress that Fallon himself has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

The brains behind the conspiracy are allegedly the two licensed horse owners, James Crickmore and Maurice Sines.

The two apparently profited from bets placed on their own horses losing in ten Flat races that were run between January and August 2009. Co-conspirators were instructed to place bets on their behalf, with the two knowing that the horses would lose the races since they had instructed the jockeys to ride losers.

25 Year Ban

The jockeys, all who vehemently deny any wrongdoing, could face multi year bans from racing if found guilty.

The most serious charge - that of intentionally failing to ensure that the horse runs on its merits - could see a ban of anything between five and 25 years.

Other charges include the conspiracy to commit a fraudulent practice and the intention to pass information to betting exchange account holders for financial or material gain.

The jockeys will still be allowed to race until a ten day independent disciplinary panel hearing begins on October 20th.

The UK Gambling Commission is aware of the charges but has opted not pursue the case right now.

Story Highlights »
  • Four jockeys are under suspicion by the BHA.
  • The UK Gambling Commission has opted not to get involved right now.

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