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July 2012

TomKat Split Reaches Sports Betting Sites

by Renee Israel

Bet on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

July 2 - After five years of marriage, Hollywood star, Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes are on their way to the divorce courts.

In a surprise announcement on the weekend, Holmes said that she was filing for divorce in New York court and was asking for full custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Suri.

No sooner had the news broken, than online sports betting sites in the UK were opening TomKat betting markets on the future of the couple.

Paddy Power, the Irish land and online sports betting group, is currently offering odds on "When will Tom Cruise remarry?"

Tom Cruise Remarriage Odds

2012 or 2013 - 5/1

2014, 2015 or 2016 - 7/4

2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020 - 11/8

After 2020 - 3/1

The Cruise-Holmes split betting market only counts with someone that he was not married to previously.

When Cruise married Holmes in a fairytale wedding five years ago, sports betting sites offered multiple odds on everything about the special day, from the couple's honeymoon destination to the design of Kate's dress.

However, many foresaw the storm clouds on the horizon and bets were also offered on how long the wedding would last.  As such, there may be a few people cashing in on their bets only five years down the line.

There were many reasons that the wedding was doomed to fail.

Cruise already had two failed marriages behind him (one to Mimi Rogers and the other to Nicole Kidman, with whom he adopted two children).

The age gap between the two is nearly 17 years - another problem area.

However, the most striking problem was that Cruise is a Scientologist who got Katie to adopt it as her own religion when they got married.  However, it is clear that over the years, Holmes has started to feel more and more stifled by the indoctrinations of the church and has been moving further away from its teachings and, as matters go, her husband.

Betting on Cruise-Holmes Baby

Over the years, there has also been a lot of betting markets opened regarding another child for the couple.

Each time sports betting sites offered markets on celeb couples to have a baby, Cruise and Holmes' names appeared near the top of the list, so keen was the public to see Suri get a new brother or sister.

However, it seems that this is never going to be, with the news this weekend that Holmes has filed for divorce.

Story Highlights »
  • Bookies rush to open TomKat split markets.
  • Betting on Cruise-Holmes wedding and baby.

Paddy Power

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