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October 2012

Pregnant Adele Prompts Baby Betting Lines

by Renee Israel

Bets on Adele Baby's Name

Multiple Grammy winner, Adele, has been lying low these past months, no doubt nesting ahead of the birth of her first child.

However, activity picked up at leading UK sports betting sites this week after the reclusive singer stepped out with her fiancÚ, reminding punters that she is just weeks away from giving birth.

As such, players have been betting on Adele baby name odds offered by sites such as the Irish bookie, Paddy Power on the possible name that Adele and Simon Konecki will give their firstborn.

Bookies missed out on the first six months of the singer's pregnancy, as she only announced that she was due more than halfway through. However, now these sites are making up for lost time by offering great odds, and Adele baby name betting is one of the more popular choices for players looking for novelty bets.

12/1 Odds on Penny as Adele's Baby Name

Penny remains the firm favourite as a girl's name for the new baby, with odds of 12/1 that the child will carry Adele's mum's name.

Paddy Power seems to think that Adele and Konecki may also consider Blue as a name at 16/1 odds but the fact that fellow singer, Beyonce named her daughter that may put pay to that idea.

If the baby is a boy (Adele still hasn't announced the sex of her child), odds are an equal 18/1 that it will be named Bob or Dylan.

Paddy Power then supplies a particularly long list of names, ranging from the more common James (20/1) to a money-losing Moneypenny (!) at odds of 475/1.

Adele Baby Name Odds at Paddy Power

The full list of potential names for Adele Adkins' and Simon Konecki's first baby at Paddy Power as follows:

Penny - 12/1

Blue - 16/1

Bob, Dylan - 18/1

Laurie, James, Jamie, Rain - 20/1

Will, Olivia, Lily, Sarah, Harry, Oliver, Rumour - 25/1

Samuel - 33/1

Spice, Lucy, Jack, Austin, Joshua, Sophie, Alfie, Ivy, Stella, Daniel - 40/1

Evie, Chloe, Thomas, Poppy, Grammy, Grace, Amelia, Isabella, Damien, Emily, Ava, Mia, Ruby, Jonathan, Jessica, Charlie - 50/1

Daisy, Rue, Gabrielle, George, Vesper, Ella, Jacob, Ethan, Joseph - 80/1

Jinx, Solitaire, Bon - 90/1

Lucas, Oscar, Maisie, Charlotte, Freya, Mark, Adkins, Noah - 100/1

Oddjob, Moneypenny - 475/1

Bet on Adele baby names and other celebrity markets at Paddy Power and other leading UK sports betting sites today.

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  • Not long to go before Adele gives birth.
  • Betting sites offer markets on the baby's name.

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